The Ultimate Buyer's Guide to Electric Fireplaces

The Ultimate Buyer's Guide to Electric Fireplaces

In 2018, only 41% of single-family homes built had fireplaces. While there are certainly much more efficient and safer heating options than fireplaces, you have to admit that they do give your home a cozy feeling that can't be replaced.

If you're one of the majority of homeowners who don't have a fireplace, you might be looking into having one built. But why do that when you can opt for electric fireplaces instead? There are plenty of electric fireplace benefits you can enjoy!

Curious? In this article, you'll get a detailed guide to electric fireplaces. This should help you make the right decision for purchasing the best electric fireplace for your home.

What Are Electric Fireplaces?

This might sound like a silly question, but in reality, many people have misconceptions about electric fireplaces. You probably think electric fireplaces are purely for the aesthetics, as you'll get an LCD screen with realistic-looking flickering flames.

However, what many don't know is that electric fireplaces also heat up your room! You won't need to hook it up to your gas supply since these run on electricity. In most cases, they're also plug and play, meaning all you have to do is place the fireplace and plug it in.

Types of Electric Fireplaces

When you're looking at electric fireplaces, there are 4 main types available: wall-mount, built-in, mantels, and inserts. We'll explore each in detail below.

Wall-Mount Electric Fireplaces

As you might've guessed from the name, this type of fireplace is mounted on your wall, which means it goes right into the drywall. Because of this setup, it gives more of a contemporary feel. The fireplace ends up looking like moving art on your wall.

If you're short on space, then this is a great way to add an electric fireplace without taking up much room. It also gives your space a focal point, so if your living room is lacking, a wall-mount electric fireplace can be a great addition.

Built-in Electric Fireplaces

If you're into modern looks, then a built-in electric fireplace is an option too. These also save space, as they'd go inside an existing wall, either fully or partially recessed. However, it might take some renovation work, as you'll need to make a niche for this fireplace.

For those who don't want renovation work done, know that you can also mount these on the wall too.

In any case, once it's in, it's a stunning look. It gives your fireplace a 3D look that's not achieved with a wall-mount electric fireplace. This is because these have thickness and depth to them.

Electric Fireplace Mantels

Perhaps you enjoy how beautiful a real fireplace looks and you want to recreate that look. In that case, an electric fireplace mantel is exactly what you need. This type of electric fireplace creates even more of a focal point than with a wall-mounted one.

Electric fireplace mantels actually have 2 parts: the mantel itself and a firebox that produces the fire effects. Like with wall-mounted electric fireplaces, all you have to do is plug and play.

If you're worried about space, some electric fireplace mantels double as media consoles and even have additional shelves so you can store items inside.

Electric Fireplace Inserts

An electric fireplace insert is handy to purchase if you already have an existing fireplace. This means that if you have a non-functional one, or you're considering converting it, you won't have to brick it up or do any other major work. Instead, you can make use of the existing infrastructure and put an electric fireplace insert in to further utilize the space.

This is a great option if you love your existing fireplace and don't want to change it, yet want to make use of it. Electric fireplace inserts are easy to install, as they are plug and play as well.

Heating Options

Yes, the majority of electric heaters can heat up your room. But that doesn't necessarily mean the heating element is on 24/7, wasting energy.

In fact, any decent electric fireplace should have on-demand heat. This means that not only can you set the heat to low, medium, or high, but you can also turn it completely off. This allows you to enjoy using your fireplace all year long, even when it's 90 degrees outside.

If you want to save some money and a heated electric fireplace isn't a priority, then you can also get some that don't have heaters. That way, you can stick to your budget better while still getting a beautiful electric fireplace.

Other Things You Should Know

In general, expect your electric fireplace to heat a space of anywhere from 400 to 1,000 square feet, depending on the heater it uses.

If you're interested in getting an electric fireplace for your outdoor living space, then you'll be pleased to know that they work outside as well. But do note that if you want to install one either outdoors or in a bathroom, you'll need to purchase an electric fireplace that's specifically outdoor-rated to ensure maximum safety.

As we mentioned, most electric fireplaces are plug and play. However, you'll need to make sure that the outlet you use is on a dedicated fuse or circuit breaker.

If not, you risk overloading your system. Needless to say, you shouldn't be plugging in your electric fireplace to an extension cord.

Consider Your Options for Electric Fireplaces

Now that you know more about electric fireplaces, you're better equipped to weigh your options and pick the best electric fireplace heater for your house.

Because you have 4 fantastic choices, you can trust that there's an electric fireplace out there that suits your needs and budget. So what are you waiting for? The next step is to weigh your options!

Would you like to hear more about the different lines of electric fire places available? Then contact us today.

Nov 12th 2020

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