Staying Warm and Cozy All Year Long: A Buyer's Guide to the Different Types of Fire Pits

Staying Warm and Cozy All Year Long: A Buyer's Guide to the Different Types of Fire Pits

A fire pit makes any outdoor space cozier, and it's a great way to add a unique feature to your patio or backyard.

With so many different fire pits available, how do you know which one to choose?

Read on for a guide to the different types of fire pits so you can decide what style will work best for your outdoor entertaining needs.

Propane and Gas Fire Pits

If you want something easy to maintain, a propane fire pit is an excellent choice. These stylish fire pits don't require you to gather wood or charcoal, and all you need is either a separate propane tank or a direct natural gas line.

A propane fire pit that uses a tank typically includes a space to store it underneath so it's hidden out of sight. Simply connect the top fire pit area directly to the tank line, light the ignition switch, and enjoy a flickering flame.

A gas fire pit is similar except that it usually requires a direct line of natural gas that attaches to the unit. These fire pits are sometimes called "direct plumbing" fire pits since the fuel source comes directly from a pipe or line, similar to a water line.

With a gas or propane fire pit, you can add all kinds of unique decorative touches like glass, ceramic fireballs, ceramic logs, and much more. These decorative items are designed to withstand high heat, and they bring a fun touch of texture and a pop of color to your outdoor space.

Propane fire pits are quiet, burn clean, and last a long time. If you choose a propane option, you'll need to refill the tank occasionally. A gas fire pit will never need to be refueled since the source is coming directly from the natural gas provider.

These types of fire pits are the most popular choice for many homeowners. However, the specially designed burner system is more complex than a wood-burning fire pit, and it can cost you more upfront if you choose to have a new gas line installed.

Fire Pit Tables

A fire pit table combines the convenience of outdoor furniture with a beautiful fire feature. These products are typically higher off the ground than a standard fire pit since they are used as functional tables in addition to the beautiful fire they produce.

You can place some chairs around your fire pit table and enjoy a delicious meal outside while you gather with friends and conversate. These fire pits include a sturdy tabletop that can be made of anything from metal and stone to composite materials and more.

Look for a fire pit table that features the style and size you want. Tables can range from small and round to large and rectangular to accommodate more people. Tall fire pit tables and a set of bar stools are perfect for lounging by the pool or serving drinks.

Most fire pit tables are gas and propane since they don't tend to produce soot or sparks and burning material as you'd find with a wood-burning fire pit. The tank is typically hidden inside the base of the table or the table itself could be directly connected to a natural gas line.

A fire pit table adds visual interest and functionality to your backyard. They're also a great place to gather around for drinks in the evening or to spend time together during the chillier months of the year.

Fire Bowls

When it comes to unique designs, fire bowls can be a fantastic alternative to classic fire pits. These unique bowl-shaped fire pits tend to lay low and sit close to the ground so your eyes remain focused on the flame and not on the vessel itself.

Just because a fire bowl service a specific purpose, that doesn't mean that can't be stylish, too. In fact, many people prefer fire bowls due to their sleek and modern aesthetic.

Most fire bowls use natural gas or propane to operate and typically made of metal. However, new materials like cast concrete are becoming another popular choice that adds texture and visual interest to your patio or backyard.

Unless your fire bowl is directly attached to a natural gas line, it's a portable way to enjoy a fire. These smaller units are easy to move anywhere, and you can turn them on with a quick flip of the pilot light switch.

You can enjoy fire bowls on a deck unless they are wood-burning. Propane offers a cleaner burn, and you won't need to worry about burning embers hitting your deck or home and potentially causing a fire.

Dress up your fire bowl or fire pit with some colorful glass, lava rocks, or other materials to add to the look. Their sleek and sculptural design makes them a smart addition for anyone who wants to enhance the look of a contemporary outdoor space.

Find the Perfect Fire Pit

From propane fire pits to fire pit tables, there are plenty of unique ways you can enjoy a crackling fire from the comfort of your own backyard. Look for a fire feature that adds to the theme or style of your home and think about what type of fuel source you want to use.

Whether it's a large table or a modern fire bowl, these outdoor features will make spending time outside much more enjoyable.

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Nov 12th 2020

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