5 Advantages of Owning a Wood Stove (and How to Pick the Perfect One!)

5 Advantages of Owning a Wood Stove (and How to Pick the Perfect One!)

Did you know that 98% of Americans prefer to cook meals at home rather than eating out?

Well, it's true! In order to fulfill this dream, having a great place to prepare your meals is important. However, having the right stovetop is important in this way and many more.

Here, we're going to talk about how having a wood stove can benefit you both in the kitchen and outside of it. Read on to learn what you should consider before purchasing one of these features and for some help understanding why you should take the leap!

1. Wood Stoves are Aesthetically Pleasing

The most noticeable benefit to wood stoves is that they're beautiful on pretty much every level. Not only do they provide the beautiful visual of a contained, cozy fire, but they also engage your other senses as well. Like a wood fireplace, these stoves have a wonderful aroma and a comforting crackling sound.

This aesthetic isn't just wonderful for its own sake. Studies show that sitting by a fire reduces blood pressure and the risk of cardiovascular problems. This makes it a good investment in both the short and long term!

2. Perfect for Food Warming

Despite their name, many people forget that wood stoves are actually meant for cooking! They aren't just gorgeous wood-burning fireplaces- they also have a stovetop that you can warm your favorite foods on!

No matter what room you choose to put your wood stove in, you can heat up your favorite soups, pasta dishes, and more. The appliance is essentially a 2-in-1 item that can serve multiple purposes. This makes it much cheaper than getting both a fireplace and a stovetop, especially since the stovetop would likely raise the gas or electricity bill!

3. Warmth and Comfort

Generally, stoves are thought of as appliances that go into the kitchen. While this is true in many cases, wood stoves can be placed anywhere in the home that you want a bit of extra heat. Place them in your living area in front of your favorite reading chair or TV couch. This will ensure that you stay warm and comfortable even on the coldest of nights.

This actually is considered by many to be the primary purpose of a wood stove. While you can cook on it, it also is essentially an indoor fireplace that's intended to create warmth and comfort.

They operate on the idea of radiant heat, which means that they release heat from each side of it. This distributes warmth quickly and evenly throughout your space and makes you comfortable much more quickly than heating through your HVAC vents would.

4. Environmental and Economical

Most stovetops use fossil fuels such as natural gas and propane to give off heat. Most HVAC systems do the same. Using these nonrenewable resources isn't eco-friendly because of the toxic fumes emitted into the air. Additionally, the process used to obtain these resources isn't green, either.

On the flip side, wood is what's referred to as a 'carbon-neutral' resource. The process of obtaining wood from already-dead or dying trees doesn't cause extreme environmental harm. Also, trees absorb carbon dioxide, so the carbon emitted from wood burning is neutralized.

5. Easily Portable

If you ever want to host an outdoor barbecue or a campfire on a summer night, it's easy to pick up a wood stove and bring it outside. You can then fry or grill things on its surface while enjoying the heat that it gives off. This lets you entertain your guests outdoors in a way that you otherwise wouldn't be able to.

Additionally, should you ever choose to move, it will be easy to carry your wood stove to your new home. These fixtures weigh less than other stovetops, which makes them easy to box up and bring with you to new locations.

So, How Can You Choose a Wood Stove?

All of our wood stoves are freestanding, so choosing the right model really comes down to size and preference.

If you want your space to warm up a lot (or simply are putting your appliance in a larger room), you likely will want a larger wood stove. If you get one that is too small, you'll be forced to huddle right next to it in order to experience any level of warmth. This isn't always a bad thing, but it can get old after a while if you don't have the option to switch positions while keeping warm.

If you think you're going to use your stove as a stovetop often rather than primarily treating it as a heat source, a larger stove may be better for you as well. You will have more surface area to maneuver pots and pans this way.

You also will want to look into the appearance of each stove option. Some are more square boxes, which go really well with contemporary decor schemes that use clean, bold lines. However, more rounded options look great with heavy antique decor schemes that use primarily organic shapes.

Assess the overall vibe of your room and choose something to match!

Cook Up Some Comfort

While a wood stove requires a bit of maintenance, it's more than worth the benefits that you get once you have one installed.

Now that you know the benefits of owning a wood-burning stove, it's time to get the perfect model for your home. Contact us with any remaining questions that you may have about our line of wood stoves. Our experts are happy to help you select the perfect option for your home so that you can feel warm and cozy this winter!

Nov 12th 2020

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